Offshore Staffing

We can staff a project team offshore that works entirely under the direct supervision of our clients’ project management. The offshore resources function as a part of the onsite client team and report to the onsite client manager.

The ‘critical mass’ criteria for going offshore has come down dramatically as offshore management processes and procedures have matured. Smaller projects can benefit from the cost savings of offshore development. Because the largest Indian firms focus on ‘mega-deals’ with large business clients, they would not be the best choice for executing small projects. Primus Software Corporation’s mid-size facility is ideally situated to assist small and mid-size businesses looking to offshore.


  • Benefit of leveraging lower offshore costs without loss of project control and oversight
  • Greater speed to market with products and services
  • Qualified resources trained per client needs, if required
  • More flexibility in executing different types of work
  • Access to a large pool of high quality resources
  • Same or improved quality
  • Ability to refocus in-house staff on more strategic projects

Although the overall costs will be lower, offshore work incurs costs in several areas not seen in onsite work, such as travel, international phone calls and developer licenses.

As a maturing industry, many of the risks associated with offshore have lessened. Below are some frequent areas of concern and how they are addressed by Primus:

Communication: A detailed communications plan and procedures are a standard part of our delivery methodology. Collaboration tools and ‘soft skills’ training of our offshore employees further ensure a high level of continuous communication.

Turnover: Turnover depends on a two-way relationship: providing constant work and competitive wages and benefits will reduce incidences of team members leaving in the middle of an engagement. Our focus on providing a comfortable and rewarding work environment together with competitive pay packages results in lower than average turnover.

Environment Equivalence: We’ll make sure your development environment adequately represents your production environment.

Data Security and Business Continuity: Our Indian facilities have a strong focus on protecting our clients’ data and intellectual property. Some of the provisions are:

  • Best practices disaster recovery and business continuity processes and procedures, including usage guidelines, backup policies and procedures, emergency procedures and regular system audits
  • Multi-level security including firewalls, virus protection, and controlled access privileges
  • Configuration management tools
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Restricted physical access to project area and prohibition of removable media
  • Segregated servers and network domain controllers with role-based access
  • Exclusive mail server for client communication
  • Secure VPN, FTP and/or leased lines for secure communications