Project Management

In response to changing market conditions and the need to bring products and services to market in compressed time frames, Project Management and Delivery methodologies have been evolving. The IT Organization in an enterprise has an important role to play in implementing strategic business initiatives. There is more focus on accomplishing incremental, but measurable and deployable solutions. Efficient Project Planning, Management and Monitoring processes are essential to project success. We can assist you with our proven methods to plan, manage and monitor your application development and implementation projects.

Primus provides expertise in the following areas of Project Management to ensure that your projects are completed on time, within budget and deliver expected results:

Project Planning

We believe that projects fail in the beginning and not at the end; Our project management specialists help you to set your projects on the right track. We assist you in planning activities related to project scope, resource planning and scheduling, risk assessment, and understanding stakeholder expectations. We help you to formulate the approach, set the processes and design appropriate metrics.

Project Health Checks

We can conduct periodic assessments during the course of the project to determine progress. Our health check reports, customized for each client project, provide exhaustive risk analysis and recommendations for project realignment and course corrections to ensure success.

Project Operations

Every successful project needs continuous management of its operations. Primus specialists provide the oversight and execute the day-to-day project management tasks which include fine tuning and managing project processes, resources, budgets and stakeholder expectations.

Project Management Office

We can help you to establish a PMO or actually execute PMO activities. The PMO organization establishes ground rules and expectations around how projects should be conducted for the project manager, the project team and stakeholders.