Client Testimonials

Following quotes from leading organizations are testimony to the fact that our mutually rewarding relationships are built on trust and value-add:

Fortune 500 Consumer Products Company

“Service. Quality. Integrity. These are three important words in business, and these words also describe our experience with Primus Software Corporation.”
Director, Application Services

“Primus is truly a strategic business partner to us and we look forward to continuing to strengthen our relationship with them.”
IT Director

Fortune 500 Electronics and Electrical Engineering Company

“What a great tool! The dashboard feature should be a big help in conjunction with our National Account efforts.”
Client Business Manager

“NA Team – Please take the time to look into the features of this new tool that (Primus) has provided for us. This should help us understand how to develop meaningful strategies for CT opportunities within our groups.”
Client Marketing Manager

Fortune 500 Healthcare Company

“Textbook style Execution!”
Client Project Manager

Fortune 500 Logistics Company

“I have been extremely pleased with Primus’ work ethic, professionalism, and focus on our needs. They were given an opportunity to exclusively staff a mission critical project and our decision to source this project to them proved to be the right one!”
Client Manager

Fortune 500 Media Company

“Primus understands our complex business needs. They have delivered when others could not!”
Client Program Manager

Fast 50 Company

“Primus under committed and over delivered!”
Client CEO