Processes & Methodologies

Our many years of experience with providing Information Technology Services has led to the development of processes and methodologies that enable us to offer high levels of quality, reliability, and predictability.

Primus assists organizations to create or adapt a standard approach to software development projects. Managers can quickly determine which ones are proceeding smoothly and which are not when all projects follow the same processes and approaches, and use the same metrics for measuring project performance. A standard approach to project management establishes ground rules and expectations for the project team. It also provides project managers, functional managers and the operational staff with a common language around project management that eases communication and helps ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Our rigorous and proven methodology ensures that the software development and implementation solution attains the desired results – and that these results are sustainable on a long-term basis. Developing effective quality information systems quickly, at a reasonable cost, and with managed risk requires a well documented, disciplined process. Today’s systems are increasingly complex, consisting of multiple heterogeneous components that must be integrated to deliver a particular function that adds value to the business.

Primus advocates the following processes and methodologies for software development projects:

Scrum – Agile Development Process & Methodology

Scrum is a set of interrelated practices and rules that optimize the development environment, reduce organizational overhead, and closely synchronize market requirements with iterative prototyes. Based in modern process control theory, Scrum causes the best possible software to be constructed given the available resources, acceptable quality, and required release dates. Useful product functionality is delivered every thirty days as requirements, architecture, and design emerge, even when using unstable technologies. Primus encourages organizations to use Scrum for new, onsite and distributed development work.

Rational Unified Process (RUP)

RUP is an iterative software development process framework created by the Rational Software Corporation, a division of IBM since 2003. It is an adaptable process framework, intended to be tailored by the development organizations and software project teams that will select the elements of the process that are appropriate for their needs. Primus enables organizations who have embraced RUP to implement its comprehensive framework.

4-D Methodology

4-D Methodology is Primus Software Corporation’s own software development process which is an adaptation of the Rational and Waterfall development processes. We are a strong believer in the use of UML and related tools and concepts for the development process. Our 4-D methodology is Component based and Service Oriented, and consists of Discovery, Design, Development and Deployment phases. It maximizes the return of investment for software development activities by providing reusability and interoperability.